Give me your lunch boy!

Kathryn apel visited our school and she showed us all of her books and some of her poems and her poems that didn’t work out that well with the editer and she made it work like duck dad when she made it a duck dad then she made it a duck and a rain drop. These are the books she wrote like bully on the bus, on track, too many friends, fencing with fear and this is the mud.

Here is a link for a website.

Kathryn Apel







A very plane blog post

I have made a plane and it length is 24cm th width is 11cm the area is 468 cm2 and lastly the height is 11cm

My second plane  the length is 24cm it’s width is 2cm the area is        132 cm2 and the height is 2.5 cm.

we don’t have the results yet. I think that plane 1 will go a long distance

and plane 2 will spend more time in the air.


And he though the paper plane and.

you will see the results soon.
















Mandalas In Art


Today we were allowed to write what we learned this week. We were allowed to write about what we did this week. We were able to choose from Art, Music 🎶 and PE.  We chose to write about mandalas.  We were learning about mandalas in art, we are drawing a mandala and today we made a mandala out of shape blocks.



Today we watched THE HUMAN RACE 🌏 we learn that Respect means R means Resilience E means Epathy S means Safty P means Patience another E means Equality C means Care and T means Trust.

In the play, the characters were Deedee and Dunc and also Kimbo and Kane. Kane was a rude bully he thought that Deedee and Dunc were aliens. Kimbo was sad beacause Deedee was posting photos with Kimbo’s password. Deedee was a nice help and helped Dunc dance and win. Dunc was a shy boy. He really wanted to see his sick Grandma.


One Hour Of CODING 😘😏🙃😎😘😛

I learned that Coding can be a lot of fun.

this week we did coding it was so much fun.


We told the game person were to go and what to do and how many times to do it




we found some words for coding like

programmer – a person who writes computer code and programs

algorithm – a set of steps that are followed IN ORDER to solve a problem

loop – a part of a computer program that repeats the same steps over and over again